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Museum Planet announces the solution to Google. Ever noticed how your best information, the information you purchased, aka your books, is not searchable let alone savable?

Yes, now on the Kindle app there is a word search. Gee thanks.

Museum Planet announces the solution that Google wishes it had: 'Ad Hoc' Search and Save. Exactly what it says it is. When publishers use our app you can search all of your purchased books for information, and save the information into a new book!

It's only logical isn't it that you'd want to search and pull information out of something other than Wikipedia. Try our tour titles out on Museum Planet. Purchase some Venice titles. You can then search them and come up with a tour just around the painter Titian in Venice.

Think of the possibilities in other areas of search. 'Ad Hoc' by Museum Planet is coming at you and it is going to make you much smarter than you ever thought you were.


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