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Museum Planet FAQ's

What's in your tours?
Each of our digital tours has pictures (expandable), text and voice narration. Currently we have all of New York City and Venice, Italy completed. Each tour includes 'Ad Hoc' which allows you to search tours you purchased and create and save on your iPad; for example, a new tour on the painter Titian, in Venice.
Who is your audience?
Anyone who travels, has traveled, or dreams of traveling. We like to think of our tours as the next best thing to being there.
How do you accomplish your goals?
We take you through everything important. We explain in an accessible way everything you see. For example; in the Basilica di San Marco in Venice, we explain every panel of the ceiling mosaics. If you read everything in that tour you will have been the recipient of a pleasant art-and-history lesson.
Couldn't I just go there?
Yes. And you should go there, but we suggest you read us before and after if you want to know what you will be looking at, or review what you've seen. It is also a way to preview something. You can learn what you want to see before you go there.
Maybe you are offering more than I want to know?
Likely in many cases we are. However, you can jump around a tour, and just listen to it for a 'lite' version. We give you a choice; 'lite' or deep.
What about guidebooks?
They have their uses but they do not take you around and through important places so completely. Only we do that.
You have no competition?
The competition is the locations themselves. So far no one is producing apps like ours.
Do your tours include video?
No, and it is unlikely they ever will. The objects we cover don't move. We move you around them. Video means you are making a movie, and that medium moves too fast for us to be able to explain anything in depth.
You don't charge much for your tours.
We are hoping that volume will make up the difference.
So what is next?
Spain, Rome, and London for a start. We hope to build out the world. After man-made sites we plan on the natural world.

'Ad Hoc' app FAQ's

What is 'Ad Hoc?'?
It is our proprietary patent- pending feature that allows the consumer to search all the titles he owns with 'Ad Hoc' and then save the found material into a new book on his tablet/computer. 'Ad Hoc' works now on our digital tours.
Why is that important?
We think the most valuable information most people own is their own personal library which currently is either not searchable except by hand or searchable only by word and phrase. And in the case of the latter the results are not readily bound into a new digital book.
Must be expensive?
No we think we are the lost cost app. We are data based and have a simple app (customizable) that presents information with pictures/art work, text and narration -the latter can be deactivated. We do not overproduce each page. By that I mean we do not put in endless animated graphs, video or hyperlinks that do not inform and usually just confuse/lose. Publishing is a low margin business. We respect that and make it easy for publishers to put their info in our app.
Do you have much competition?
Yes, and more every day. Most however seems to have succumbed to the tyranny of the designer. Looks real good but forgets the purpose is to inform. We think we have a formula that works and will break no budgets. And with 'Ad Hoc'...just imagine being able to search libraries. If you had 20 Civil War histories you could pull out what each author said about the Battle of Bull Run and save it into a new book. Pretty good for research we think.
So Google is your competition?
In a sense. But Google searches the internet. Too many internet searches (none of which are savable) end up with junk or at best Wikipedia. We search and save from books which contain information you paid for- the highest quality information.
Maybe you should be worried?
Maybe it is Google who should be worried.

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